Saturday, June 27, 2009

Possible New Recruits

It's been the talk of Riderville... is Etchevarry's defense really all its cracked up to be?

Rider fans have been sceptical about how the Riders defense will peform this season, rightfully so after two dissapointing pre-season losses in which the defense in particular looked far from spectacular.

So what are Agent Roughrider's thoughts on the matter?

After the inital dissapointment has passed and thoughts of the season being thrown away before it even started have dissapered, Agent Roughrider has not given up on the defense yet.

It is pre-season after all, and that is never an indicator to how the season will unfold.

With that being said, if things don't turn out good for the Roughriders, there are some options they could look to bring in to fix their defense. Some potential new recruits who could shine in the Green and White:

Jojuan Armour: As much as it would dread Rider fans to see Armour in the Green and White after playing for the Stampeders last season, he may be a helpful commodity in the linebacking core. Armour would add size and experience to a small linebacking core. And what's more, Armour would hold a grudge against the Stampeders.

Jerome Haywood: The 280 pound defensive lineman could add some bulk to the Riders d-line. Scott Schultz is getting older and the Riders are also lacking in size with players like Keith Shologan.

T.J. Hill: Hill isn't a huge linebacker, but he may be a better option then Tad Kornegay. Hill was the Alouettes leading tackler last season and is very quick at the linebacking position.

Reggie Hunt: A former Rider, Hunt's reunion with the Riders would be very benefactory. Hunt is aging but he could start right away at the outside or middle linebacker postion for the Riders.

Agent Roughrider out...

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