Friday, June 26, 2009

Neal Hughes, Gene Makowsky: MIA

Well it was cutdown day in the CFL yesterday, and the Riders were in on the action terminating a number of players. But, in two moves on the report that will definetly be unsettling in riderville, running back Neal Hughes has been placed on the nine-game injured list and Gene Makowsky has been placed on the injured list.

Players placed on the injured list are often not actually injured but in Makowsky's case, it is fairly serious as the veteran lineman went down in Saskatchewan's preseason lose to the Calgary Stampeders. Hughes and Makowsky's injuries will definetly have deep reprecutions for the Riders.

Hughes was really starting to come into his zone. He was a solid blocking back last season and his hands were amazing as he caught a number of touchdown passes. Hughes may have been the starting fullback or shared time behind Chris Szarka.

Makowsky on the other hand, will shake up the Riders on the offensive line and test their depth. The move will force Chris Best to step in for the perennial force Gene Makowsky.

Agent Roughrider hopes that the injuries, though not both extremelly serious, won't be the start of more injuries to come.

Here is a look at all of the transactions the Riders made on cut day:


Non-Import DL Nuvraj Bassi
Import WR Todd Blythe
Non-Import K/P Jeff Bolen
Import WR Brandon Childress
Import RB Jason Geathers
Non-Import DB Sasha Glavic
Import QB Juan Joseph
Import WR Casey McGahee
Import LB Sam Olajabutu
Import DL David Patterson
Import LB Brandon Perkins
Non-Import OL Brad Peters
Import WR Byron Ross
Import DL Seante Williams
Import DB Jerron Wishom

Injured List:

Import RB Wes Cates
Non-Import DB Tamon George
Import DB Denatay Heard
Non-Import OL Gene Makowsky
Non-Import WR Adam Nicolson
Non-Import OL Jordan Rempel
Import WR Gerran Walker

Nine Game Injured List:

Non-Import RB Neal Hughes
Non-Import WR David McKoy
Non-Import DB Leron Mitchell
Non-Import OL Wayne Smith

Practice Roster:

Import DB Carlos Armour
Import RB Justin Beaver
Non-Import OL Dan Clark
Import DB Daniel Francis
Non-Import DB Joel Lipinski
Non-Import K/P Perri Scarcelli
Import DL Joe Sykes
Non-Import DB Konrad Wasiela

Agent Roughrider out...

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