Saturday, June 27, 2009

Possible New Recruits

It's been the talk of Riderville... is Etchevarry's defense really all its cracked up to be?

Rider fans have been sceptical about how the Riders defense will peform this season, rightfully so after two dissapointing pre-season losses in which the defense in particular looked far from spectacular.

So what are Agent Roughrider's thoughts on the matter?

After the inital dissapointment has passed and thoughts of the season being thrown away before it even started have dissapered, Agent Roughrider has not given up on the defense yet.

It is pre-season after all, and that is never an indicator to how the season will unfold.

With that being said, if things don't turn out good for the Roughriders, there are some options they could look to bring in to fix their defense. Some potential new recruits who could shine in the Green and White:

Jojuan Armour: As much as it would dread Rider fans to see Armour in the Green and White after playing for the Stampeders last season, he may be a helpful commodity in the linebacking core. Armour would add size and experience to a small linebacking core. And what's more, Armour would hold a grudge against the Stampeders.

Jerome Haywood: The 280 pound defensive lineman could add some bulk to the Riders d-line. Scott Schultz is getting older and the Riders are also lacking in size with players like Keith Shologan.

T.J. Hill: Hill isn't a huge linebacker, but he may be a better option then Tad Kornegay. Hill was the Alouettes leading tackler last season and is very quick at the linebacking position.

Reggie Hunt: A former Rider, Hunt's reunion with the Riders would be very benefactory. Hunt is aging but he could start right away at the outside or middle linebacker postion for the Riders.

Agent Roughrider out...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Neal Hughes, Gene Makowsky: MIA

Well it was cutdown day in the CFL yesterday, and the Riders were in on the action terminating a number of players. But, in two moves on the report that will definetly be unsettling in riderville, running back Neal Hughes has been placed on the nine-game injured list and Gene Makowsky has been placed on the injured list.

Players placed on the injured list are often not actually injured but in Makowsky's case, it is fairly serious as the veteran lineman went down in Saskatchewan's preseason lose to the Calgary Stampeders. Hughes and Makowsky's injuries will definetly have deep reprecutions for the Riders.

Hughes was really starting to come into his zone. He was a solid blocking back last season and his hands were amazing as he caught a number of touchdown passes. Hughes may have been the starting fullback or shared time behind Chris Szarka.

Makowsky on the other hand, will shake up the Riders on the offensive line and test their depth. The move will force Chris Best to step in for the perennial force Gene Makowsky.

Agent Roughrider hopes that the injuries, though not both extremelly serious, won't be the start of more injuries to come.

Here is a look at all of the transactions the Riders made on cut day:


Non-Import DL Nuvraj Bassi
Import WR Todd Blythe
Non-Import K/P Jeff Bolen
Import WR Brandon Childress
Import RB Jason Geathers
Non-Import DB Sasha Glavic
Import QB Juan Joseph
Import WR Casey McGahee
Import LB Sam Olajabutu
Import DL David Patterson
Import LB Brandon Perkins
Non-Import OL Brad Peters
Import WR Byron Ross
Import DL Seante Williams
Import DB Jerron Wishom

Injured List:

Import RB Wes Cates
Non-Import DB Tamon George
Import DB Denatay Heard
Non-Import OL Gene Makowsky
Non-Import WR Adam Nicolson
Non-Import OL Jordan Rempel
Import WR Gerran Walker

Nine Game Injured List:

Non-Import RB Neal Hughes
Non-Import WR David McKoy
Non-Import DB Leron Mitchell
Non-Import OL Wayne Smith

Practice Roster:

Import DB Carlos Armour
Import RB Justin Beaver
Non-Import OL Dan Clark
Import DB Daniel Francis
Non-Import DB Joel Lipinski
Non-Import K/P Perri Scarcelli
Import DL Joe Sykes
Non-Import DB Konrad Wasiela

Agent Roughrider out...

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Exlcusive Interview with BC Lions Wide Receiver, Jerel Myers

Hey guys. I am now back with another interview. My last interview was about three months ago with Cal Poly cornerback, Scottie Cordier. I was so blessed to have that interview with him and now I am more blessed.

I was just looking up some players from the BC Lions roster. One of my favorite CFL players, Jerel Myers, was one of the names I looked up on Google. I was just scrolling through and found out he had a Facebook account.

Then I though for a second. What if it's just some fake account that a person with no life would make just so he could get some attention? Well, guess what? It wasn't. Not at all. If you look at it, you'll believe me.

I then contacted Jerel as I sent him a message on Facebook. I asked him if I could do an interview with him and I couldn't believe it...he said yes. I was so glad a player from a professional football league would like to be interviewed my some young and aspiring journalist.

Jerel Myers was one of my favorite players. I always checked out his highlights so it can help me be a good tight end in football, and it works! Myers gladly answered the questions with me.

I only gave him seven questions to answer because I didn't want to be a bother with him.

But first, when I show you that, let me give you a little background on this kid.

Myers was a standout from LSU. In 2003, he came out of college. He was labeled as undrafted for the NFL and was signed with the Bills. He played with them from 2003-2004. He then moved on with the Washington Redskins in 2005 but couldn't find success there either.

Finally, there came hope for this kid that had talent for a team. In 2005, he went on to play for the BC Lions of the CFL. He played there and in his first season, he had 36 catches for 473 yards and posted also posted two touchdowns.

He later left the Lions to play for the New Orleans VooDoo of the AFL after the 2005 season. But when Hurricane Katrina struck, he had to play for the new expansion team, the Kansas City Brigade. Myers proved he was a star their, ending his career in the AFL in 2008.

In 2009, Myers returned to the BC Lions, hoping to make a future with the team. I expect Myers to have a great season this year and hopefully getting some great passes from quarterback, Buck Pierce.

You know Jerel Myers now?

Here is the ultimate interview with BC Lions wide receiver, Jerel Myers:

Josh Dhani: What's it like returning to the BC Lions?

Jerel Myers: Its going to be exciting going back to BC. I see I have another opportunity to take care of my business so I'm going to take advantage of it.

JD: Did you ever dream of playing in the NFL?

JL:Everyone has dreams of the NFL. But things don't always go as you would plan for them to. Ive had a few opportunities but I just couldn't capitalize on them.

JD: What's it like playing with star, Geroy Simon?

JL: Geroy Simon is a great player. He taught me a lot about the CFL game just that one year when I was there. I love to see him play. I still kept up with his play even after I left.

JD: Are you going to miss playing in the Arena Football League?

JL: I'm going to miss the AFL a lot. Playing in that league for the past four years makes you used to a certain type of game and style. It was fun and I hope it comes back.

JD: I heard you actually played in the NFL. You played with the Bills from 2003-2004 and the Redskins in 2005. What was it like there?

JL: It was a good experience. Met a lot of good athletes and good people in general. I hope I get the opportunity again.

JD: What do you when it is the off-season?

JL: In the off season I coach football and substitute at my old high school. That's what I want to do once I finish playing football. I enjoy it as much as they enjoy me being out there with them.

JD: What are your goals for this season with the BC Lions?

JL: I only have one goal this season and that is to help the BC Lions win THE GREY CUP! I don't want nothing more or nothing less.

Good luck this year Jerel. Is wish you all the best. GO LIONS!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BC Lions: Sign Their Five Draft Picks

The Lions have signed their five draft picks from 2009. They agreed to the terms of the deals, but they were not released.

“Each of these players will be given every opportunity to make our roster and I believe they are equally excited about the chance to do so,” Wally Buono told

The five draft picks they signed were Tang Bacheyie (defensive back, above), James Yurichuk (linebacker, photo), Matt Carter (wide receiver, photo), Matt Morencie (offensive lineman, photo), and Jonathan Pierre-Etienne (defensive lineman, photo).

Let's hope these guys perform well this year. Good luck this year, guys, and welcome to the BC Lions!